MCD Elections 2017: Photo-shopping is passed! AAP is portraying its workers as resident groups to burn ‘House-Tax’ bills


April 10, 2017

April 8, 2017, New Delhi: For the upcoming MCD Elections 2017, Aam Aadmi Party as a part of its political campaign has floated a propaganda in the guise of a news report about the abolition of ‘House Tax’ in Delhi, if it wins in MCD elections.

A news report depicts the glorified picture of Delhi’s reactions on the ‘abolition of house tax’. On the basis of this news report, AAP Delhi state convener tweeted:

“Receiving tremendous response from Delhites for #HouseTax abolition promise, AAP will celebrate #HouseTax Mukti Diwas tomorrow across Delhi.”

The happy response of the people about ‘Abolition of House Tax’ is smartly fabricated to achieve the attention of the masses. It clearly seems to be an ‘election-winning propaganda’ to mislead the people and to prepare a ground for The ‘House Tax Mukti Diwas’ which will be celebrated tomorrow i.e. April 8, 2017.

NewsGram investigation has revealed that the reporter of The Hindu newspaper was also misled into reporting the information.

Jagdish Bhalla, the person quoted in the news report as joint secretary of Rajinder Nagar Welfare association is also an AAP worker, who is actively campaigning in the area and has also given his office at Shankar Road to AAP MLA to be used as ward office past 2 years and election office right now.

In a twitter video,  the major role is played by an octogenarian AAP worker Mr S C Gupta. One can see him in each and every AAP poster in that area and is designated as ‘marg darshak’ even by the MLA Mr Vijender Garg.



Check out @Shalupcrf’s Tweet:

Delhi residents expressed their happiness about @ArvindKejriwal announcement to abolish house tax after winning MCD#DelhiSaysNoToHouseTax

— Shalu (@Shalupcrf) April 7, 2017

When the ‘Newsgram’ team further investigated, it found the video involves either AAP’s own party’s workers or trained artists. The ladies in the videos are from the ‘Women Wing’ of AAP of that area. 



When Newsgram team interviewed Dr. Munish Raizada, suspended AAP volunteer, he said that some people in the party have gone corrupted and malicious. These ‘Chanda Chors of AAP’ are not only feeding on the party’s donations but have also discarded the founding principles of the party.

“Aam Aadmi Party was created for bringing a change in the political system but these ‘Chanda Chors’ have changed the party’s philosophy and motives”, added Dr. Munish Raizada.

It should be noted that Raizada is currently engaged in an internal battle with Aam Aadmi Party. He has been leading a Chanda Bandh Satyagraha (No List: No Donation campaign) against the party since December 2016.

The intentional fabrication of misleading reports is never praised or awarded. One should not adopt malicious tactics to win any election.

Such shams only expose the intent of corrupt leaders of a political party and and people who run their election campaign on clean politics should avoid propagandist tendencies.


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