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 “No List: No Donation” is a Satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for  shielding its donations from public view by the volunteers, and supporters of AAP.

 That means: (If) No List (of donors): No Donation, i.e., If AAP does Not show its Donations, We take a  Pledge NOT to Donate it anymore.

 Dr. Munish Raizada, is a Chicago based neonatoligist and  suspended member of the Aam Aadmi Party has  initiated the ‘Satygraha’ and is the convener of the campaign.

He has been volunteering with AAP since inception. He resigned from his job as medical doctor in Chicago, to  volunteer for AAP in pursuit of clean politics.

He has served the party in various positions. He was the volunteer engagement head of AAP prior to elections in  2013 and was part of the fund raising team. During Lok Sabha elections in 2014, he was campaign in-charge for  Chandigarh. Post Lok Sabha elections, he manage 5 assembly constituencies of Delhi as District In-charge and  resurrected the organizational structure in assemblies under him post AAP’s Lok Sabha debacle.

After Delhi Govt formation in 2015, he was health adviser ( Honorary)  to Health Minister Satyender Jain and was  also co-convener of NRI wing of AAP.

He was suspended from AAP because he raised his voice against AAP leaders, who were keen on abandoning AAP’s  founding principles of clean politics. He questioned AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal on his support to corrupt Lallo  Prasad Yadav in Bihar assembly elections. His tweet conveying the truth about corrupt Lalloa and how Kejriwal now supports a corrupt alliance in Bihar got him suspended the very next day.

 Please take a stand today. Take a Pledge today!

Take a Pledge NOT to donate to Aam Aadmi Party UNTIL it puts its donations back in public domain.


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